Welcome to the new Marie Feliz. In this post you'll know everything about my new project. I hope you enjoy!

During the last 2 years, I've been thinking about the idea to make something beautiful and interesting with my helpful hobbies. Would it be possible to help other people to understand what I had realized two years ago? In those days, I was so stressful and depressed that needed to make a big change in my life. First, I tried to reduce my anxiety, and got back into two of my abandoned hobbies: knitting and sewing.

I learnt to knit the year before when I dreamed to make one of those gorgeous lace shawls. But I stopped knitting before trying it. I felt really upset because of "my circumstances". What about sewing? I learnt how to sew when I was 16 and practiced quite often from then on. I loved to transform clothes that I didn't already wear. Now we call it upcycling or refashioning. But for some reason, I'd almost gave up making that during the last few years.

As I was saying before, I needed to make a big change in my life, more specifically, in the way that I understood it. My circumstances were so variable two years ago that if I had kept on thinking the same way that I did, I would have become kind of zombie. Dead in life for sure .

I found knitting and sewing so relaxing again. Many knitters and sewers know that. I practiced them almost everyday. However, I could realized other benefits, deep benefits, soon. The first one and most obvious was that I could knit and sew for a higher purpose: making my own clothes. At first sight, that conclusion may looks like a bit superficial. But, I'll show you that there is a real way of life inside a handmade wardrobe.

That is the reason why I've been trying to make something special with my beneficial hobbies since last summer. First, I created a blog about knitting called like my optimistic grandmother, Ignatiaknits.com. Later, I attended a course about mindfulness that was so transforming for me, that I decided to start a new blog, Mariefeliz.com. It was only in Spanish (yes, I am Spanish :) and was about happiness and crafts. I can make other things among knitting and sewing! Once I overcame the first mindfulness euphoria, I decided to change again. Why not create a blog more my really own way? Why not help other people realize what I had understood two years ago, after knitting and sewing just for relax? Why not write in English again as I did on my first blog?

Today I begin my definitive project: the New Marie Feliz, a website about knitting and sewing our own clothes. It is not just a personal blog. I want to help other people. I really need to share what I know. That's why I'm going to talk a lot about the benefits of making our own clothes, and how to make it well. I've just created a YouTube channel for that. You may know how to knit or sew, but you also may not. There you will be able to learn to knit and sew from the very beginning. I'll show you more about my YouTube channel next Thursday. I'm so excited! You might also need some inspiration and know all those independent designers that make beautiful and easily downloadable sewing and knitting patterns. Getting familiar with materials and tools is really important, too. So that will be another topic to talk about. Finally, you may know that I love to show my own finished projects. I'll keep on doing that. But now I am more ambitious, I hope to show your own too!

Do you like the idea? Would you like to make your own clothes as well? Maybe a total handmade wardrobe sounds like too much challenging for you, for me too! But would you like to sew and knit some of your new outfits and enjoy its benefits? In all those cases, the best thing you can do is to stay updated without any effort, just subscribing to Marie Feliz weekly newsletter. Also, you can always just follow me on Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest or Twitter. And, if you are interested in making your own clothes but don't know how, you can suscribe to Marie Feliz YouTube channel. Remember, I will tell you more about it on Thursday. (Ups, I hope to keep myself organized enough!)

I have writen toooo much for today. Now it's your turn: would you like the idea to make your own clothes? Are you already doing that or do you need to learn first? Would you like to read about any other related topic? Let me know, please, I'm so curious!

I'll see you again on Thursday.

Thanks for reading, and have a great day!

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