Marie Feliz's blog has been full of love and embroidery during last weeks. Today, I'd like to close the circle by making the Mindful Love tote bag <3. It's a bit different tote. A small one released on Purl bee two years ago for Halloween inspired me. I think that only one handle is a good idea to keep on knitting while you stand up from your usual seat and take a little walk. Bye bye sedentary life! :D

The heart embroidered on the tote symbolizes Mindful Love. It's the way I call to the love where nobody feels smaller or lost, but revitalized and respected. It's kind of equal and reciprocal relationship. To make the red heart I followed the instructions of Betty Barnden embroidery book for many of the stitches. Here you have the pictures of the whole process:

I made the drawing over the fabric with a Pilot Frixion pen, that I cleaned as if by magic, with some hot air from my hairdryer.

Also, I followed the instructions for the ironing step. It was kind of sandwich receipt: first a towel, second the embroidery wrong side up, a little piece of white and a wet fabric, and press slightly the iron without sliding it. Then I sewed the whole tote. The inside is very clean with French seams and red bias tape.

It's been a cool experience. I felt on my element with embroidery. I'm in love with it! I think I'm going to repeat very soon. That is dopamine effect ;)

Now tell me please, do you like my Mindful Love tote bag? Do you usually embroider? Or are you a beginner like me?

A big hug and have a nice day! <3

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