Last week, on the first episode of A handmade wardrobe serie, I talked about a mysterious knitting project I was working on. I showed you a bit, but not completely, because I wanted to surprise you this week. On Thursday, when it'll be finished. Meanwhile, I'm going to show you how was knitting the first Aprendiz cowl of the planet Earth.

Aprendiz, in Spanish, means beginner, apprentice, somebody who is learning something new. In our case, knitting <3

As you can imagine, due to the difficulty of the pattern, I've designed Aprendiz cowl. Nothing more to say here ;D

Another detail I'd like to share is the yarn. I've used a really cool spring-summer yarn. Ok, it's not as soft and fresh as other wonderful yarns. But this is recycled. And that's great! It's Revive from Rowan. I knew about it and bought it as well on Merino Feliz online shop. The first knitting-pub of the world. It's in San Lorenzo de El Escorial, in Madrid. I think it's my dreamed place, because they have joined two of my passions: yarn and beer! I could live in there. (Yes, in a previous life I'd be German, Dutch or maybe Irish :)

Coming back to Revive, it's made of silk, cotton and viscose, all of them recycled. I used a blue-green color, called grit. I don't know why, but my more recent spring-summers have been in blue.

This pattern is very easy to knit. It combines stockinette stitch, seed stitch, and simple lace pattern in big stripes. I also used some tips to make it more interesting. It's the perfect portable knitting project.

This cowl can be knitted shorter or larger, whatever you prefer. I knitted it in its larger version, 105 cm approximately, so I can wrap it twice. I used a ball of yarn and a half.
The best thing is that everything works! First of all, I imagine the design and write it down. Then I took it into reality. I know that it's a very simple design, but I controlled the quantity of yarn, and now, for me, that's enough.

Actually, the best knitting experience is coming soon. I'll check it from next Thursday, the day I'll show you the whole mystery ;)
I'll make it in its shorter version and put on some little beads.

Do you like Aprendiz cowl? Would you knit one for those fresh summer nights?

See you next Thursday!

Thank you for reading and have a great day <3

POST UPDATE: The English version will be available next week.

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