Knitting lace is one of my favorite experiences. I really love it. In fact, I learnt how to knit just because I wanted to make one of those gorgeous lace shawls that I found on Pinterest. At first, I thought they were impossible, something just for very experienced knitters and divine hands. But, actually, that's just a matter of practice and attitude.

Lace consists of making airy knitted fabrics. How to get that effect? By Increases and decreases stitches, light yarn and bigger needles than recommended. Many times you can't see clearly that effect as you go. You have to wait to block the shawl or whatever to see the result in all its glory. You'll probably spend more time with a lace project than with a normal plain one. But it worths the effort, not just for the result, but because the experience in itself is one of the most meditative in knitting.

Last summer in my previous blog, Ignatiaknits.com, I wrote a post about how knitting and mindfulness are connected. Better said, knitting can be a perfectly mindful activity, as long as the rest of crafts, sewing included of course. But I really find knitting in the top of mindful crafts. It's very repetitive and apparently boring. Also, when you master knit and purls stitches, you may need more challenging stitches. You can go into the art of lace, colorwork, cables, shaping or all of them together.

Have you ever meditate? Repetitive, apparently boring and not an easy thing. It's an exercise of attention and concentration, a way of taking control of your mind through willpower. You may practice it just for taking results, but if you just enjoy or learn from the experience, you are getting the real positive effects from meditation. Can you see the connection between meditation and knitting?

I love knitting lace because it calm me down and refresh my mind. Especially when I'm confused. When I pay my attention on a lace piece, I can't think in any other thing. And that bring me perspective and put distance between me and my thoughts.

I also find very challenging mastering new skills. I try not to be obsessive about perfection, but I like to better myself. Knitting, sewing, and the rest of crafts, are safe areas where bring the best of us. And there are many people all over the world that appreciate that kind of effort. In other words, I also love knitting lace because of it variety of stitches and combinations that make me feel up and better. It's a matter of self-esteem.

Many new knitters think that it's too much difficult knitting lace, but actually it depends on the pattern. There are gorgeous lace pattern that are easy enough to follow and perfect for beginners. Once you master knit and purl stitches, of course. Although you can be like me, that knitted nups (an advanced Estonian stitch, see the picture below) in my second lace project!

But if you are more sensible than me, I hope so ;), you could start knitting lace by learning how to make basic increase and decrease stitches. On next week, I'll release some video tutorials about them. Another skills you'll need are: some tips to knit in a safe way, how to read charts, and how to block. You'll practice all of them with the pattern that I'm preparing special for beginners. It'll be a beautiful and wearable accessory to add to your handmade wardrobe!

What about you? Have you ever try knitting lace? Did you enjoy it?

See you on next Tuesday!

Thank you for reading and have a great day <3

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