I'm kind of a hobby girl (well, woman. I always forget that I'm 35). There's nothing strange in that, right? The thing is that I'm a very passionate person, sometimes too much intensive in my inside. If I like something, I'll spend many time doing that and thinking about that. I usually put that energy on hobbies, because they are challenging and interesting enough, and make my life better.

Before becoming a passionate knitter-sewer, I was a lover of novels, movies and TV series. I am still! But not in the same way. Now, I have some problems with dramatic stories, my favorite ones. I don't know exactly why I can't put up with sad fiction. For example, I spent a month feeling broken and unhappy after watching Blue is the warmest color two years ago. And the same happened with The great beauty. Ok, I know they are not easy movies, but 5 years earlier I could have watched them without consequences. What about novels? Impossible to read if they are drama. Now, I only watch or read "under control" stories like comedies, mystery, or light dramas.

I also felt that I'd become more daydreamer than ever. Do you know the story about Don Quixote? My case was very similar but in the 21st century. I'm very romantic, and absorbing so many stories don't works well on me and my poor common sense.

For those two reasons, one day I decided to cut down my books, movies and TV series dose. I started knitting and sewing instead, earthly hobbies that make my life better. Now, I live more quietly in my inside, I feel more balanced than ever. The sense of touch let me come back home from the clouds, and following patterns keeps my huge imagination and sensibility under control.

Besides, I believe that knitting and sewing are so exciting. As much as traveling to another country. I guess that is because I'm an introverted person. I can appreciate thrilling experiences in quiet things. Yep, that's my superpower.

What about you? Would you like to share your hobby experience with us? How do you understand knitting or sewing in your life?

See you on Thursday (I hope!)

Thank you for reading and have a great day <3

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