Today I was going to publish the first videotutorial about How to sew from the beginning. And so I've done! But only in Spanish. I think that my first blog idea was too much ambitious: sewing and knitting videotutorials to help other people to make their own clothes, in two languages: Spanish and English. However, the truth is that I find easier to teach knitting than sewing. I feel that I don't need too much words to explain how to make stitches, it's just a matter of show it clearly. On the contrary, sewing needs much more explanations, and I don't feel comfortable enough with my spoken English and all that technical vocabulary.

Summing up, I've decided not to live stressfully and not to make sewing videotutorials in English. Although I'll keep on talking about sewing in the English side of my blog. It's one of my old lovely hobbies that has become an important part of my new way of life. That's why I'd still like to share my point of view with you. So, from now on I'm going to post on Tuesdays about knitting, and some Thursdays about sewing inspiration. I apologize for this change of plans, you might have been waiting for my sewing videotutorials. I hope that you could understand me.

However, if you can understand a Spanish woman with a strong Andalusian accent, you can watch my first sewing videotutorial ;)! I explain how to join fabrics provisionally before the final seam.

See you on Tuesday!

Thank you for reading (and maybe watching!) and have a great day <3

P.D.: you can watch all my video tutorials here. Remember that sewing videos are just in Spanish by now.

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